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september 1st, 1997; one of the most talented boys was born. happy birthday jeon jungkook! i really can’t believe it’s been a year since your hyungs pranked you and made you cry. you grew up so much throughout that short time span. although you’re the most sarcastic person ever and you bully your hyungs, you’re honestly one of the sweetest, cutest, and definitely one of the most ambitious people i’ve ever had the honor to know. we all look forward to supporting and teasing our golden maknae for all the years to come~!

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JB’s dino mouth (≧O≦)

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970901 ― Happy Birthday to one of the people I hate love the most, I hope you’ll have a wonderful day with your members, your family and your fans and that all your wishes will come true! #BTSKookieDay

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Make me choose → anonymous: mark’s butt or mark’s d

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G-Dragon’s Wikipedia Filmography List




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shake it, shake it

Yoongi: I’m sure it’s nicer with the real Suga.

Jimin: Stop coming up to my bed.

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Old habits die hard

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